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      Addr:No.1 Hong Qi Avenue, Jiangwang Town, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China


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      Taihe Rural Micro-finance Company’s success is attributable to the experienced and professional management team,including the Directors and senior management.The chairman and founder,Mr.Bo Wanlin,was the founding chairman of Yangzhou Small Loan Industry Association since its establishment in 2012.Mr.Bo Wanlin was also awarded the “Top Ten Economic Figures”in Yangzhou City in 2009.A majority of the members of our senior management team have been working in the finance field such as banking,internal control,and accounting for over eight years.Some of them also possess working experience in well-reputed national or multinational financial institutions and audit firm,who bring in valuable industry awareness and risk management skills to enhance our management capability.

      The account managers of the company play a key role in identification of potential customers,pre-loan due diligence and post-loan monitoring.A majority account managers possessed previous experience in the micro-finance industry before joining us.The company have adopted a performance-based compensation scheme with indicators that are linked to the measure of productivity as well as the ability of our account managers to manage credit risk,which incentivizes the account managers to provide quality services to our customers and manage credit risk prudently.The company believes that the experience and in-depth industry knowledge of the management and dedication of the motivated employees will continue to contribute to the success.

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