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EcoView Monitor

If you feel that your 20 inch LCD Monitor is just taking too much power, well the EcoView Monitor might be the answer if you’re searching for more eco-friendly monitors. The EcoView Monitor has motion detectors which can sense if you’re in front of the screen or if you’re away. If you leave your front [...]

Solar Address Light

If you’re thinking about lighting up your house number as your next Do-it-yourself project, then don’t stress yourself with all those wiring, not to mention the extra power that your house number light would consume. Just do it the easy and eco-friendly way with the solar powered House number light.
Of course, the solar power [...]

Hello World!

I love gadgets as much as the next person but I also love mother earth so I thought I might put the two together as a lot of companies nowadays are environmentally conscious and are thinking green. Join me in the search for more green technology and support those companies that do.